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03 février 2012

Infinity Office Design is a graphic design

Infinity conception:


Infinity Office Design is a graphic design office located in Hammamet, Tunisia specialist

all kinds of conceptions. Our office guarantees a good quality work is with time

accurate. Because our principle is QUALITY TEMPS.D the one hand you find your job well done is

you gain more time. Thus we have skilled graphic designers with experience.


very rich in order to guarantee an excellent design marque.L computer graphics is the science of the digital image. This is a young specialty, born at the same time as the widespread use of computers, and took off with his real Internet. Even before this recent period, the production of graphics, including spreadsheets, wasput within the reach of all. 








Today, computer graphics compete with imagination andskill to produce images that allow us to view information in increasingly complex



To realize this, nothing beats a ride on one of the many sites specializing in computer graphics, or on an image bank. Computer graphics is the art of translating visual data of various kindsThrough an image, it also has manystatistical concepts, relations of cause and effect that way. This implies a certain organization of data to be processed. 







Our design is developed through various software

Our office is located at the "Centre RomanHammamet Tunisia 8050.

We work all types of design (magazines, catalogs, websites, logos, posters,

signs, business cards, menus).Also we  is prepared   project in flash.



Our goal is quality of work and a very classy design.

Art is in your home ..


To contact us:


Tel / Fax: 00216 72 265 390 Mobile00216 21 323 186

Postal address: Avenue de la Liberation "Centre RomaineHammamet Tunisia8050.


Welcome to our world the world of computer graphics to the infinite ...